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Project Description
The Site Security Management Utility (SSMU) strives to ease the SharePoint security burden on site owners and farm administrators by providing a simple user interface combined with bulk editing capabilities.

The utility is based upon a collection of application pages built around the already familiar OOB SharePoint 2007 security pages and controls. Tree navigation allows for a quick view of inheritance and security interrogation throughout the entire site structure and security trims nodes accordingly. All controls and application pages are resource file driven allowing for easy localization.

There are currently three modes:
  • Set security on a single item
  • Set security on multiple items
  • Reset inheritance on multiple items

All of the application pages are accessible from the Site Settings page under the Site Security Management group upon feature activation. They are also accessible via the toolbar on the tree navigation control.

  • Utilize the OOB SharePoint security settings page from the SSMU treeview for single item edit

  • Set security on multiple items from one interface

  • Reset inheritance on multiple items from one interface

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